Richfield Custom Aluminum Signs

Aluminum is an excellent material for signage, so it’s worth learning how aluminum signs can help you manage your Richfield business or property.

Aluminum SignsWhat are aluminum signs?

Aluminum is a lightweight but durable metal. Aluminum signs are versatile and affordable. They are usually rectangular and flat.

Uses for aluminum signs

Aluminum signs typically display functional information, but they can be used as promotional or and commercial signage, too. They are often installed outdoors, but they can be inside as well. Fences and walls are common spots for aluminum signs. They can have information printed on one or both sides.

Types of aluminum signs

Aluminum signs are great for displaying store or property policies, parking lot information, or legal information. Some common messages you can find on aluminum signs include:

  • Enter
  • Exit
  • Emergency Exit
  • Welcome
  • No Parking
  • Fire Escape
  • Private Property
  • No Trespassing
  • Danger
  • Caution
  • Drive Slow
  • Speed Limit
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • No Smoking
  • Store Hours
  • Business Name
  • Area Under Surveillance
  • Restroom
  • And more!

Why choose us for aluminum signs in Richfield, UT?

You may want an aluminum sign to convey a basic sign with a functional message. Even so, you don’t want your sign to be drab and nondescript. Although aluminum signs may not be as important as the flashy sign on the front of your business, they should still be on-brand with the rest of your signage and messaging. At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we can craft an on-brand aluminum sign for you by using font, verbiage, colors, and other design elements that are consistent with your business’s identity. We can design aluminum signs that conform to your architectural signage, too. And we can install your aluminum signs for you in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area.

Benefits of choosing us for aluminum signs in Richfield, UT

At Visibility Signs & Graphics, we can design, manufacture, and install aluminum signs in Richfield, UT. We’re proud to serve all of Northern and Central Utah. From Logan to Richfield, Tooele to Vernal, and all points in between, we have all your signage and graphic needs covered. To learn more, please visit our website, or you can contact us directly via email or by calling 801-823-4005.

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